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Paloma Dawkins is a cartoonist and self-taught animator turned virtual-reality and video-game artist. Dawkins' previous games have been featured at world-renowned festivals and museums such as Manchester International Festival, Victoria & Albert Museum, MUTEK ,Garage Museum of Contemporary art, and more. Dawkins won awards at the Canadian Screen Academy Awards, Fantasia, FIVARS, Cinekid, NUMIX, and North Bend Festival. Dawkin’s games are praised for being digital spaces that celebrate natural life and rhythms and the worlds she creates in her games are spaces that incite creative thinking and wonder. Dawkins games and VR spaces carry on these themes and further invites us to be inspired by otherworldly scenes and scenarios, hypnotizing sounds and visual details, trippy patterns, quirky characters and cosmic poetry.



LikeLike Gallery, Pittsburgh PA, July 2021
“Welcome to Apocablyss” Paloma Dawkins Solo show

Garage Museum of Contemporary art, MOSCOW Dec 2019 
Hackethon Host “The Coming World”

Cinekid 2019, AMSTERDAM Dec 2019
Winner of Audience Choice award for Best Media Project

Manchester International Festival, Mar 2019-Jul 2019
Commissioned to create Songs of the Lost 

FADU, Argentina Oct 2018

MiM, MTL Aug 2018

Future Reality Lab, NYC May 2018–Nov 2018
Animator and artist in residence

The National Film Board of Canada, MTL Nov 2014 –March 2018
Artistic and Creative Director, Animator Museum of Symmetry
CBC Arts October 2017
Exhibitionist in Residence

MUTEK: Future Realities, MTL August 2017
Baby Castles Presents: Mind Portals April 2017
“Mind Portals” and various other games
Milieux institute Concordia University, MTL April 2016  
Resident artist
Fantastic Arcade, Austin TX Sept 2015
Video game exhibitor in Spotlight Arcade

TAIS, Toronto July 2015 - present
Workshop Instructor

Beakerhead, Calgary July 2014
Video Game Artist

The National Film Board of Canada, MTL Sept 2013 – Nov 2013
Imogen Heap and Deadmau5 music video         Jan 2013

Oceanarium, Canada Council for the Arts
- premiering at the V&A Museum, UK as part of Videogames:Design/Play/Disrupt January 25th 2019 
- Arsenal Contemporary

Cave, NYU Future Reality labs June 2018 – present
Art Director, animator
- Premiering at Siggraph 2018

Museum of Symmetry, NFB November 2014 – June 2018
Art Director, game designer, animator, writer
- Winner Best MediaLab Project 2019 Audience Choice CineKid 
- Winner Audience choice award Fantasia 2019
- Winner Best Virtual Reality Game Academy of Canadian film and television
- Winner Best Interactive Fiction Award NUMIX 
- Winner of Out of Body experience award North Bend 2018
- Winner of Peoples Choice award Fivars 2018
- Premiering at A-Maze Berlin April 2018
- Article in Kotaku
- Annecy International Animation Festival 2018 Official Selection
- Siggraph 2018 Official Selection
- Fantoche 2018
- Ottawa International Animation Festival 2018 Competition 
- Halcyon Labs Washington DC
- Article in Rock Paper Shotgun
- Article in Moving Stories

Palmystery June-Nov 2016
Animator, programmer
- Official Selection of Amaze Johannesburg 2017
- Official Selection Fantastic Arcade 2017
- Transmundane at Dunlop Gallery
- Vice article ‘Mindlessly Dance Through Cartoon Fantasies in ‘Palmystery’
- Mild Rumpus 2018

Alea, HumbleBundle June – Sept 2015
Video game designer, animator
- Commissioned by Humble Bundle and presented at Fantastic Arcade in Austin TX running from September 28th to October 1st 2015 at the Alamo Theatre
- Day of the Devs in San Fransisco Nov 7th 2015
- BabyCastle’s Gallery, NYC May 1st 2016
- MAGfest January 5th – 8th 2017
- Article on Vice, Rhizome and Killscreen

Egg Boss November 2014
Game design, animation
- Exhibited at the Wellcome Collection July 3rd 2015 in London, UK

Gardenarium July 2014 – Jan 2015
Programming, game design, animation, writing
- EMP museum Seattle, Washington October 2015 – present
- Mild Rumpus March 2 – 6th 2015 during GDC in San Francisco at the Moscone Center
- Articles in Polygon, Killscreen, Rock Paper Shotgun